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Some of the reasons why we feed trees
      • Encourages new growth
      • Aeration of the soil 
      • Improved tree health 
      • Improved  tree vigor 

Trees need nutrients to be healthy; they use them up when they perform their natural functions in growing.   A tree has a budget that it survives or thrives on, it is based on its ability to manufacture food. Part of that budget is used in food production called photo synthesis. Some is stored for future use, and is used in fighting off insects and diseases. A tree begins to decline when their needs are not met by their current budget. When trees are in a wooded area the fallen leaves remain on the ground and decompose back into their original nutrients, fertilizer is not normally necessary on these trees.  Most of the trees we take care of have the leaves removed from under them; many times there is a lawn over the top of the root system.  Fertilizing replaces depleted nutrients & minerals within soils and helps with soil aeration which is critical in a healthy tree.  Some of the reasons trees go into stress are drought, excessive heat, insects and diseases also pruning done improperly.  There a variety of different types of fertilizers available and also different delivery systems to fertilize trees.  We generally will use a liquid soil injected method to do most of our fertilizing.  At Arboreal we use a natural complete fertilizer of macro & micro nutrients with mineral nutrients also beneficial bacteria to colonize the root zone. This is general done in Spring or Fall.