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                                    Referring to trees and their care.
                                          LOU PAPAGEORGE-Owner
                                         Connecticut Arborist #62296
                                                     * Fully Insured *
                                Providing Quality Tree Care Since 1994

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We provide all of our customers with complete tree health management programs from young to mature trees.

Why Hire an Arborist ?   
The truth is tree care is a science and trees are alive and are impacted by what we do to them. An arborist has studied trees to the point in which they have been able to obtain a licence to practice their craft in their state. In my opinion there is so much to learn about tree care and an arborist licence is only the beginning point. There is a whole lifetime of learning beyond this. Hire an arborist to care for your trees, they are a great value to you and your property.  


  • All Phases of Tree Pruning Based on Federal & Trade Standards
  • Tree Removal
  • Disease and Pest Monitoring & Management Programs
  • Organic & Natural Biological Controls & Fertilizers Whenever Possible
  • Soil Improvement & Conditioners


Over 20 Years Experience
85 % of our Business is by Referral
ARBOREAL: (ar-bor'-e-el)
Of or pertaining to a tree or trees.
Living or situated among trees.
Nature of trees.

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